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Cheap Longboard Reviews for 2016

On this page you’ll find the best cheap longboards for 2016. Our reviews should help you find the longboard that you’re looking for. There are a lot of different ones out there, but our site should be able to help you :).cheap longboards lol

Skateboarding is a sport that requires control and keeping a good hold on board balance. It is for the most part polished by kids and youngsters searching for new experience and sensations. This sport is a movement that highlights jumps and board tricks, along these lines, require protective gear and an ideally solid skateboard.

But lately, because of the expanding popularity and community of longboarders, longboards costs diminished and a handful of high quality affordable boards have appeared in the market.

Fundamental Board Knowledge

There is a wide assortment of models as preferred by every client. Obtaining a pre-assembled longboard, made ​​from quality materials would give a great deal more trust in the streets. Know that boards are picked based on its length, material and shape to fit the rider’s preference.


It is a factor that you ought to remember as locations of various users. A pro skateboard is available in the lengths: micro, mini, mid-size and full-size(longboard). Persons between 5-12 years are prescribed to pick tiles micro, mini and mid-size skateboards. Riders beyond 12 years old can pick longer lengths since they have great control and can keep up better on board balance dynamics.

Pro boarders can pick advanced longboards because it allows them to rehearse better jumps and board tricks.

Board Material

The tiles can be made of different materials, for example, maple wood, fiber stick, carbon fiber or blends of materials. Some board’s models are made out of layers of wood, upgrading the sturdiness and adaptability of skateboards. Contingent upon its quality and materials, every board skateboard keeps up a gross vehicle weight.

Board Shape

There are two major types of board skateboard: concave and longboard. Skateboard plate with concave shape is generally recommended for riders that are less than 12 years old. Individuals who are over 12 years might swing to all the longer skateboards called longboards. It is an extended plate with a pointy at both closures and a length of 32 cm. For this situation, the weight is normally bigger and takes into account a maximum weight capacity of 100 kg.

SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Complete Longboard

With 40″ long, solid 70mm wheels and 7inch aluminum hanger, this basic outlined body longboard is by a wide margin one of the most durable item among others. Its high caliber is given by specialized qualities which permit it to perform awesome movements.

Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard (40-Inch)

One of the classic and best affordable longboards, this board is built from joining 40 inches of fast and solid maple hardwood body deck with sturdy 70mm wheels which give this thing the accuracy of ABEC 5 Bearings.

Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (44-Inch)

It has around 44″ in length, produced using bamboo top notch material and different maple layers and is reasonably wide, which helps you to keep your balance. The grip feature is somewhat adjusted and helps you to the track bends take simple and is not put in danger. The 70mm wheels are made from tough aluminum and have an extremely exceptional body outline.


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Buy Longboards for Sale in 2016

Looking for longboards for sale? Well don’t worry because we got you covered on this page. You’ll find out reviews for the top picks, as well as where to buy a longboard online.

In case you’re wanting to ride on a longboard to get to class, to work, or to the shopping center, chances are you are going to get into some foot traffic here and there. For this situation, you’ll need a smaller longboard skateboard since it will make weaving through the crowd and walkways much less demanding. Remember that this sort of cruising will happen on generally level ground.longboards for sale page

In case you’re not very worried with pedestrians, or you are predicting or looking forward that you’re in the end going to attempt a few slopes, you ought to look to a longer board for expanded stability and shred-capacity. Yes, these still work for cruising! Alongside the capacity to cruise, you’re currently given the capacity to grow your points of view if you feel the desire!

  1. Sector 9

Sector 9 is the lord of all Longboard brands. For a long time, it has picked up the top rank with no ups and down or any fluctuation. An prediction of 2016 has likewise given the same result for Sector 9. The alluring configuration and specialized support of this brand has gotten very extreme scores from their client community. It has unbeaten quality, size, riding style, general execution, security, and other vital features. On the off chance that you have the budget, you can depend on these longboards.

  1. Quest

The Quest can be considered as the most improved Longboard brand. When we look back in 2011, it was in fourth position, yet in 2016 it is in second position. What a change for a Longboard brand in these aggressive days! To take care of their primary issue, they have picked up this mind boggling position. In spite of the fact that it is presently in second position, it has a little contrast with Sector 9. They for the most part centered around the client needs gathered from the client sentiments and for the same reason; they have been enhancing size, quality, execution, speed, plan and shading.

  1. Atom

The Atom has successfully moved its position from fourth to third in 20166. You can just keep trusting these Longboards. They are constantly enhancing their item quality and expanding correspondence with general and potential client. They give a chance to selecting extensive variety of style, shading, outline and cost to the client. On the off chance that the enhancing rate gets to be steady, then it will effortlessly change to the upper position in no time.

  1. Yocaher

The vast majority of the Yocaher longboards is solid, durable and entirely tough in nature. In the event that you incline towards rapid riding, then you will find no issue with these longboards and will give a safe vibe to you. Complete body parts are made by style and riding surface. Because Yocaher longboards are extremely solid and adaptable, a rider can sit on the deck at the time of dropdown. The possibility of falling of the riders is just about zero because of lower focus of gravity and it is truly pleasant with minimum hazard.


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Best Motorized Longboards Review for 2016

What are the best motorized longboards in 2016? Find out from our reviews which ones we like right now and the ones you should be checking out to buy.

The Top 5 Choices

  1. Inboard Monolithmotorized longboard

Inboard has created the first and skateboard with motors fixed inside the wheels. From its streamlined look to its vibe on the ground, everything about the board depends on uninhibited flow. All things considered, the board is about identical from a standard skateboard. You don’t see the engines or batteries in light of the fact that everything is inside the deck and wheels. This makes Inboard’s outline the most inventive controlled skateboard ever made.

  1. Yuneec E-GO

Yuneec International designed, created and produced the E-GO electric acceleration system that is a fruit of utilizing 10 years of research in its aviation department. Every E-GO electric skateboard available has a Yuneec 400W engine which controls it simply like the Yuneec 48KW engine controls the GW430 two seat light craft.

  1. Zboard2

The ZBoard 2 is the world’s lightest weight-detecting electric skateboard. Their licensed control system permits the rider to just incline forward to go forward and recline to stop.

  1. The Marbel

The Marbel board is the lightest, speediest, and most progressive electric skateboard on the planet. The whole Marbel Board tips the scales at a record setting 10 pounds. Lighter than any electric vehicle on the planet. It has enough energy to go 25 MPH, will take you up to 16 miles for each charge, and the majority of the hardware and batteries are totally incorporated into the carbon fiber composite deck. On top of that, it associates with your cell phone to completely modify your riding style and even track rides on your Marbel board.

  1. Boosted Dual+

The Dual+ is an innovative wonder, astutely camouflaged as an ordinary longboard. With uniquely controlled speed and power settings, relax while learning and afterward graduate to supercar mode. With speedier accelerator, a high top speed, and more grounded braking, it’s the board for individuals who dependably wish they were going quicker.

About Motorized Longboards

Motorized longboards are normally utilized for short distance transportation. The critical things to consider while picking an electric skateboard are range, speed, charge time, control system and transport-ability. While these choices can change significantly from personal preference to customer review, the best electric skateboards as of now can cover a running distance of at least 25 miles, charge times as low as 60 minutes, velocities of up to 25mph, and they can be only 23″ long, weigh 9lbs and be controlled by means of remote controller or foot pad.

Longboards are better when they are motorized. What’s more, there are is shocking number of skateboards that are motorized — each year new models come with new features. It’s coming to the heart of the matter that requires innovation that makes it a challenge for makers to standout; features like regenerative braking and in-wheel motors. That is precisely what you’ll discover here: the absolute best of the best Motorized Longboards. It’s insane how every organization takes an entirely unique way of creating their own version of motorized longboards and I can truly admire the time and resources that went into building up these great innovations. Whether you’re hoping to decrease your commuting costs or simply surf the asphalt, these motorized longboards are worth checking out!

Best Longboard for Girls Review in 2016

On this page you’ll find the best longboard for girls reviewed in the year 2016. Just read further and you’ll learn everything you need to know!

Longboarding is a fabulous and genuinely accessible sport– the skater’s sexual orientation, age, or size are of certainly no significance, if they make sure they pick the right longboard for themselves. Even when a few people still have biases against young lady skaters, that way of thinking has no spot in the longboarding community. There is a considerable measure of awesome and cool girls who skate, who shred the streets pretty much as hard as the guys. The numbers of expert girl skaters are very much active and is growing rapidly, demonstrating that there is nothing that girls can’t do! At the same time, the longboarding manufacturing industry has been growing with it as well by delivering some awesome longboards for girls.

Here are the best longboards for Girls:

  1. Quest Super Cruiser

The Quest Super Cruiser is best in class in every single way. It’s brimming with easily overlooked details, which demonstrate that the producers paid attention on subtle elements when they set up this longboard together. The deck of this board is made from excellent materials. It’s created from a hardwood multi-ply Maple.

Adding to the strength of the longboard are the 7″ aluminum trucks in the seventy millimeters PDU wheels. Both the wheels and the trucks have been produced to bolster a lot of weight and to ingest a lot of power without breaking or clasping. At 44″ long, this longboard is perfect for all clients paying little heed to their size. All things considered, this longboard truly offers execution, reliability and simplicity. It is an absolute necessity have for a girl who is wanting to get into longboarding.

  1. Atom Pintail Longboard, 9.4 x 39.0-Inch

This board is completely a phenomenal board for starting, girls. The configuration of this board is simple yet exquisite. The default colors on this longboard are brilliant and it has an outstanding yellow and orange finish.

At 39″ long and 9.6″ wide, this longboard is extremely strong. One incredible component of this longboard has 65 millimeters amazingly high bounce back urethane wheels, which it has. It is a gentler wheel and it’s fabulous for riding on streets that are bumpy or that have a lot of splits in them. Likewise, the Maple overlay deck of this board gives it a smooth finish and additionally adds to the toughness of the board. It’s the perfect board for any tenderfoot to hardcore rider.

  1. Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Longboard

Yocaher is a brand you could trust and they’ve incorporated some awesome touches to this longboard which prompts extraordinary quality and an incredible ride. It is quick, gives a smooth ride, gives a fair turning range and offers great security. Add to that its wonderful drop deck plan and you can ride this longboard for cruising, downhill and even some freeriding. Generally speaking, it’s best for entry-level riders.

Pick ‘em now!

Girls can perform great tricks with a board as men can, however there’s one basic condition – the longboard should be perfect for the skater’s body, style and preferences. Picking one of the choices above will surely make any girl’s entry to longboarding seamless. These will surely give you the best rides of your longboarding experience.

Korean Girl Longboarders

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Best Longboard Brands Review for 2016

Are you in search of the best longboard brands for 2016? Our reviews will be able to help you out.

As more individuals are getting into longboarding – a sport addictive with its adrenaline, maneuvers and accessibility, the people that manufacture longboard accessories and related merchandise are developing in size also.

That is the reason why hunting for the best longboard brands that really make quality items and which ones aren’t that great, may prove to be a lot of work. Despite the fact that all makers have their specialties and unique strengths, there are some that have demonstrated enough versatility to excel in various if not all longboarding styles.

longboard photo 2

Quality Over Experience!

Imagine buying a new motorbike – would you pick one that has gained a great deal of reputation and has created a considerable series of high quality motorbikes, or would you rather buy one fabricated by a company that has no track record of any sort in building motorbikes?

Chances are, you would favor the first choice, as you will be persuaded that your buy is of high caliber. The same goes for longboards. Fortunately, there are a few organizations that have been making longboards for quite a while and picking them essentially ensures a quality longboard experience.

The brands that we are going to display here have been known for making top notch gear for quite a while already and have acquired a huge fan base around the world.

Normally, there are other great makers also, yet these three are thought to be the most elite, as their items are custom-made to particular riding styles and inside of their collection of designs you can discover a lot of stunning longboards.

  1. Riviera

The California based longboard maker has some exceptionally noteworthy qualities, for example, durable standards and customs in longboarding. They are a world-well known maker that offers a wide assortment of various boards that will suit varied styles and specifications.

The majority of Riviera’s new downhill longboards are professional models and have been executed in a truly rad and vital way – most of their physical designs are tribal-inspired, that adds to the nature-loving persona that common longboarders possess.

  1. Sector 9

Sector 9 holds three items that skaters are truly amped up for. First off, there are the astonishing Budro models – one is 35 inches and the other – 38, yet both are similarly astounding. These are two exceptionally flexible boards that will fit a wide range of tastes and styles – both can be utilized for downhill and also flaunting some insane abilities in freeriding. These boards are amazingly solid, with their 7 ply cold-pressed maple material and can withstand any obstructions. They also have double kicks and a high concave structure.

  1. Loaded Longboards

This shop, which gives the most extravagant and safeguarded longboards out there, is willing to go even further on customer relation and ensure high quality in ever board they make.

Each longboard sold comes with a one-year warranty and, if any skater for any reason feels that the purchased board does not meet the standards they were looking forward to, Loaded Longboards staff offer personal arrangements and make ends meet through custom adjustments or other types of compensation. For this situation, more cash totally implies better quality and there is not really a skater that would oppose this idea.

Ride with the Best!

Despite the fact that each skater has diverse taste, there are a few makers that have turned out to be the best longboard brands, as their items are constantly loaded with cool surprises that make for some insane rides.

Regardless of how great a skater’s abilities, riding sessions won’t sum to much without a genuinely quality longboard and these brands make a special effort to give it.

Buy Longboards For Sale Online

Do you need a place to buy longboards for sale? You don’t need to worry because we got you covered here at Skateboard Meister. We’re one of the top dealers for purchasing longboards online. We have all different types to choose from as well as reviews for each board.

Top 5 Best Sellers






Choosing a Longboard

cool longboard with purple wheels

1 -How Much Are You Looking to Spend?

The first question you need to answers how much are you looking to spend. By setting the price point you’re going to view to choose from boards within that price range. If you’re not exactly sure how much you want to spend why don’t you read the next question that she should be asking yourself.

2 – What’s Your Skill Level?

If you are someone who is just starting out then you will definitely want to purchase a longboard that doesn’t cost as much. You won’t want one of the beginner boards that we recommend above. The reason being is that there’s no reason for you to make a large investment on your first board. Rather than getting something really good, let’s just get a board in your hands and get you going. If you are someone who is more experienced then you’ll definitely want to digest our reviews and decide what matters to you the most when long boarding. There’re certain boards that do things better than others seal want to make sure that what you like in a board is all there.

3 – How Much Do You Plan to Use It?

If you’re someone who’s planning to use their longboard regularly than your definitely going to want to have a higher-quality model. I recommend a higher quality models so that it will last you longer. Like most products with simple wearing tear your board can start to deteriorate. So if you have a cheaper board it’s not going to last you nearest long as

Why Buy Online?

There are a few different reasons that you’re going to want to buy online.

1 – Wider Selection

There are a lot more boards to take from online than there are in stores typically. There is literally every single board being sold online.

2 – Always in Stock

The next reason is that they’re always in stock. So along with their wide availability they are always in stock. So you’re never going to have to worry about whether or not you can or cannot order it.

3 – Usually Cheaper

The Longhorns are usually a lot cheaper online than they are in person. The reason being is you’re typically getting them from wholesale websites. Where if you purchase in person you are getting in from a skate shop which is going to mark them up a lot. So when you buy online your more than likely going to get a cheaper price than you would person.

4 – Overnight Shipping

A lot of websites have overnight shipping on these boards because they’re so big and high priced items. If you don’t no one overnight shipping is it means that you can get your board the very next day.


Buy Electric Longboards For Sale

On this page you’ll discover where to buy electric longboards for sale. This will be useful in helping you understand which ones are available to buy.

Top 5 Brands to Buy






How to Choose?

buy an electric longboard

There are a couple of questions that you should ask yourself in order to arrive at a board that you’re going to be happy with. Answering these questions can also help you eliminate some potential longboards you’re contemplating buying.

1 – How Much Do You Want to Spend?

It’s always a good idea after looking over the prices to decide how much you want to spend. Typically the more expensive a board is the higher quality it is going to be. In terms of electric long boards this mean that the board is usually faster and made with higher quality materials.

2 – How Good You Are

If you’re really good at electric long boarding then you’re probably going to want to go with a good model. If you’re someone who is just starting out and has no idea if you like it or not then I suggest that you go with a lower priced option. If you have the money to spend though, of course and you should just buy the best on available. That way as you use it more you can grow into it.

3 – How Will You be Using It?

Are you going to be using it for a short commute every single day? or will you just use it to play around with? If you’re using it for commuting every single day that you definitely want to get a better board so that you can rely upon it and nothings going to break easily.

4 – How Much Will You Be Using It?

If you see yourself using the board frequently then you’re probably going to want to get a higher quality model. The more you use it the more wear and tear that will come with it. This is why a higher quality board is going to be able to hold up better then one of the cheaper boards.


Do you notice how I just typed the title in call caps… There is a reason that I did this. Because it is super important that you follow these instructions so that you can find the best board for you. What you want to do is go in and read the reviews because we have created review pages for each border that is listed on this page. What is nice about be specific review pages is that you will have access to a lot of information about the longboard that isn’t discussed on this page.

Best Electric Longboards Review for 2016

These are the best electric longboards in 2016. Our reviews will be able to help you navigate which ones brands you should buy and which ones you should possibly avoid. I promise this guide will help you a lot!

The Top 5 Brands + Boards

1 – Busted Boards

Busted Boards are probably the number one brand right now for electric boards. They are very well-known for their high quality and just all-around awesome boards.





Why Electric Longboards?

cool electric longboard

Here’s a list of reasons why we love electric longboards.

1 – They are Awesome

All you need to do is push a button to move and you’re going to start moving. The minute I saw a longboard that’s electric it was a done deal..I said whoa man I HAVE TO GET THAT…And I did lol.

2 – They are Bigger

There is a bit more room to stand on a longboard than there is on an electric skateboard. This makes it easier to ride, as well as just more comfortable to stand on.

3 – They are Smoother

In our experience the long boards are smoother than an electric skateboard. A lot of this has to do with the size of the board as well as the wheels. So if you are looking for a smooth ride then you’re obviously going to want to go with a longboard.

4 – Hate Walking?

If you hate walking and you have to walk every single day at a large amount of walking dead this is going to be for you. A lot of my friends who live in the major cities I recommended that they try out a longboard. Low and behold, many of my friends were able to live in a 30 minutes of walking time every single day. That’s saving a lot of time that you’re getting back on your life!

5 – No More Up Hill Battles

I live in a neighborhood that has a boat load of hills. So although the hills are awesome for long boarding it is a pain to have to go up then. Usually have to use a car. So for me to be able to cruise up these hills with a longboard is just awesome. I am now able to go out longboarding by myself, which is awesome.

6 – Great for Exercising your Dog

One of my favorite activities to do on the board is to exercise my dog. My dog likes to do some sprints I was want to tire him out. The thing is, I can’t always run as fast as him and exert as much energy. So there is nothing better then having the electric board to just take him around.

Best Hover Boards Brands Reviewed for 2016

On this page we’re going to review the best hover boards for 2016.

The Best 5 Brands Available






Why a Hover Board?

hoverboard in back to the future 2

1 – They Are Cool

Let’s face it…These things are absolutely amazing. I love them so much because it’s just something that we haven’t been able to do until recent years. When you see wannabes you just go wow I want one.

2 – You can Cruise Up Hill

Here in San Diego I live in a superduper heavy Hill community. There are so many hills is crazy. I actually live along one of the biggest hills. So for me to be able to use it to get up that hill is clutch. Is awesome because I was able to continue to cruise up there at comfortable speeds. It makes it really convenient when I have to go somewhere.

3 – Not many People Have Them

Not very many people have these things in when you bring about your going to draw some attention to yourself. People are going to go out that’s really cool as they see you cruising without ever having to put a foot down.

4 – Great for Traveling Quickly

These things are just absolutely awesome and if you live on a college campus or are you live in a major city. You’re going to be able to cruise in and out of people like it’s no big deal. It is really awesome and you’re going to be able to use it comfortably. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just taken mine down to the local store that is about a mile away. It is really nice feels just get out there and cruise.

5 – Not hard to Ride

You’re good to be able to ride them even if you don’t know how to ride a normal skateboard. It definitely takes a little bit of learning, but it’s not that hard. I’ve been able to get my grandpa the one who’s about 65 years old. It sure is not going super fast, but he’s on there and he’s able to control it.

Accessing In Depth Reviews

On this page we’ve merely introduced her to some of the hoverboards that we have reviewed on this website. We have more specifically reviewed each model of the hoverboards. So if you want to see that I review for that specific hoverboards you’re contemplating buying then you’ll want to make sure that you go and read the individual review so that you can get to know that hover board a little bit better.

Hoverboards in the News

Just saw this guy actually got amnesia from his hoverboard. It’s not a laughing matter, but it’s a little funny. He fell off and woke up thinking it’s 2010.

electric skateboards

Best Electric Skateboards Reviewed

This page is going to help show you the best electric skateboard brands on the market. Our reviews should be able to help you make a more informed decision when buying one. If you need some additional help, please be sure to ask in the comments and we will respond!

7 Best Brands for 2015


2) Bolt

electric skateboard with orange wheeles






Utilize Our Reviews!

One thing is the necessity is to make sure that you utilize our reviews on this website. We have reviewed almost every single electric skateboard out there so you’re going to want to make sure that you’re going to click the read review button right next to the electric skateboard that you were thinking about buying above. If you do that, you’re going to be met with a page that goes into a lot more detail about that specific board.

The Price Difference

If you haven’t noticed by now the ones at the top of the list are much more expensive than suggestions that we have made at the bottom of our list oh that there is also a distinct difference in quality. Typically the higher the price, The higher quality that the board is going to be. You’ll find that the ones near the bottomless better way more affordable tens also be a lot more cheaply made than the more expensive ones.

Why Get an Electric Skateboard?

We have compiled a little list about the reasons why you should get an electric skateboard. You may have your own reasons, but these are the ones that we were able to come up with.

1 – They Are Awesome

Seriously… When you first saw one didn’t you just go wow that is awesome. Where say something to that degree. The first time I laid eyes online I knew that I wanted to purchase it was as easy as that. The pure fact that you don’t have to put your foot down in the boardwalk keep moving is truly amazing.

2 – Better Than Walking

I won’t lie… I like to walk… But when I have to walk 15 minutes to work in the morning then 15 minutes later in the afternoon that’s a lot of travel time that I’m spending walking. Although I enjoyed the exercise, it’s just not feasible because I am wasting so much time. This is actually the main reason that I decided to get my first board was so that I could eliminate this walking time. Being able to board, I can get there in a matter of minutes. I have now freed up an extra 20 minutes each and every day :).

3 – They go Fast…And Slow.

Whatever your preferences your going to be able to enjoy a ride at a comfortable speed. If you’re looking for speed there are going to be recommendations found above. If you’re just looking to be able to get around and you don’t need to be moving at a high speed, then there are options for you as well!

4 – Not Many People Have Them

It’s really cool when you own something that not that many people have. It gives you a sense of pride about the product that you were using. When you go out in public not many people are going to be prepared to see a skateboard moving by itself..This usually garners a lot of interest in public.

5 – They Are for Everyone

You might be reading this and I even be good at skateboarding. And that’s totally cool. Because that was nice about this is whether your professional or you are a grandpa never step foot on board before you’re going to be able to ride it with ease. It doesn’t require much learning other than how comfortable with how fast you’re going.